A note from our founder: 

I struggled with acne for years. I agonized over my skin, never left the house without makeup and spent thousands of dollars on serums, creams, washes, scrubs, peels and lasers. Nothing worked. Was it hormones? Genetics? Nutrition? Stress? Karma?! I had zero answers.

After tireless research and consulting a variety of specialists, I reframed my thinking and realized I was looking at the symptom, not the cause: I needed to start inside, with my gut. I realized my breakouts were a reflection of what was going wrong internally, and in order to heal my skin I had to first heal my gut. That’s when I discovered the power of collagen.

Collagen is not only essential for healing and sealing the gut, it’s also responsible for keeping skin firm and elastic. Unfortunately, collagen declines with age and by our mid-twenties it’s already drastically reduced. I immediately started a collagen supplement regimen. After 8 weeks, the results were so staggering that I decided to create my own collagen formula, jam-packed with extra ingredients to maximize the benefits.

I developed Fancy Formulas with a doctor, someone who already had a reputation for having crazy high standards and producing the highest quality health supplements. Fancy Formulas is everything I wanted in a skincare supplement: clean, quality collagen (which turned out to be much harder to find than I expected) that's also anti-inflammatory, packed with antioxidants, and boosts nail and hair health.

I continued to test the formula on myself and 6 months later, these were my results:

May 2018


October 2018

If you’re like me and have struggled with adult acne, or if you just want a beauty boost for your skin, hair, and nails, then Fancy Formulas is for you. If you love it, please share it!

—Martha Heymans, Founder & CEO